Energy efficiency (heat loss and air leakage) issues in school buildings is becoming more important every day. Infrared imaging and air leak testing together offer a complete package to find and document areas where the building is leaking heat energy.

Also, sometimes moisture problems are cause by a faulty thermal envelope and/or air barrier.

Below, find examples of heatloss, missing insulation and air leakage in buildings.

Batt Insulation Missing

Missing Insulation

Improperly Installed Batt Insulation

Air Leakage/Stratification

Typical Building Heat Loss

What Do Our Thermographers See In Your Hospital?

Roof Moisture and Damage
Heat Loss
Mold and Moisture Intrusion
Missing Block Wall Grout/Insulation
Door and Window Seals

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Infrared thermography as a predictive maintenance (PdM) inspection technique is a widely-recognized and effective non-destructive (NDT) testing tool used often to check electrical and mechanical systems, buildings, roofs and facilities.